Last Minute Halloween Costumes #DIY

Monday, October 27, 2014

O.K. Halloween is literally around the corner, like Friday!

If you are like me you are trying to put your costume together last minute. I always want to pick out my costume and really commit but it always ends up being in the last days that I figure out No.1 what I am going to the actually doing and No. 2 what the hell to wear!

Here are some last minute ideas and how to pull them off.

Slouchy Skeleton

The Slouchy Skeleton

Even if this skeleton sweatsuit onesie comes in after Halloween, I don't think I would even be mad. I LOVE it! And since I'm most likely having a laid back Halloween with some friends passing out candy to the crazy neighborhood kids. I think this is the perfect way to dress up while still being comfy and ready to watch some scary movies with wine. Oh and don't forget to add the sexy bra, skeleton's can be sexy too right?

Bon Temps Vampire

Bon Temps Vampire 

Grab a bottle of Bloody Mary mix and make your D.I.Y. "True Blood" label and getting to drinking as a Bon Temps Vampire.  Perfect way to wear the sneaker trend while hopping from party to party. Love the mini dagger earrings!

What have you planned to dress up as?