Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Trench Coat

Trench Coats are a classic piece that is a must in your closet. It will be a timeless piece to add to your wardrobe. This Spring 2015 season the OVERSIZE Trench is even more popular. So whether you purchase yourself a classic tan/camel Burberry classic trench or go for the more ethereal long oversize on trend trench you are going to be rockin' it in style this season (and for ever!)

On the Runway...

Runway Oversize Trench

Tibi, Suno, Bottega Veneta, Akris, and Tracy Reese 
{from left to right}


On the Streets...

Street Style Oversize Trench

images via Pinterest



 For your closet..

Trench Coats

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Friday, January 16, 2015

The Glove Effect

Whether it's one glove, white gloves or gloves that may or may not fit, their certainly seems to be a a strong reaction by all when gloves are involved. 

The Glove Effect

Case and point Amal Alamuddin (aka Mrs. George Clooney) at the Golden Globes this past Sunday. I don't think you can have a conversation about the Globes without someone mentioning the newlyweds on the red carpet, how incredibly hot the room must have been since everyone was glowing in the bad way, and Amal's white gloves. Someone even started a twitter page for the white gloves @msclooneygloves

Amal Clooney dressed in Dior Haute Couture and her own "Bespoke" 
(as in she apparently sewed them herself-which really makes me think damn this woman can clearly do everything and anything!) white gloves.

So did you hate it or love it? The internet is buzzing with both sides of the spectrum. But I personally think that it was a statement she made for a completely different reason then for fashion. 

The gloves to me said, I am literally keeping a barrier between you celebrities and me. The line has been crossed, I mean she is a human-rights lawyer who practices in England & NY. (Funny buzzfeed List) She is a smart woman, clearly she knew the gloves would be a statement and it read as "do not involve me in your silly award dinner (with no actual dinner served),  I don't want to get my hands dirty with the likes of you all." Of course in a very polite and classy way! 

Classy woman obviously pass judgement in gloves, lol! 

First thing on my to do list today is... go buy some white gloves (or better yet learn how to sew some)

The Glove Effect... coming to a stuffy party (gala) in your near future, just you watch!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Time to Stock Up

It's time to stock-up on those jewels with the BaubleBar Sale!

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A Sale like this is a perfect way to purchase a Layered Necklace look. Not sure what lengths to get each necklace? Then follow this easy "How-to"

How-To-Wear Layered Necklaces

 13.5"  Evil Eye Baby Blue Necklace - Should hit just around the collar bone
16" Hamsa Pendant -  Should rest just above the start of your cleavage
23.4" Ice disc Pendant - Rest at middle of your chest bone
{All via BaubleBar}

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The only thing you need to know is that the Sale ends on 01/20/2015 

Happy Shopping!