Sweater Weather

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

All the sweaters I am currently obsessed with...





Leather + Knit = LOVE

A great look is to pair your sweater with leather pants, leggings or a skirt. A chunky knit and even a soft feminine angora sweater looks fabulous against the striking sleek leather.


Monochromatic Knit

If you are wearing a heavy wool pant wear a sweater that is close in color like a monochromatic look. Then the thicker materials wont be fighting each other. Sometimes pattern, on top of lots of detailed or heavy material will just be too much.

Travel Tips: I've got some baggage

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Over the past three years I have traveled more then ever which seems strange since all of this happened when I got pregnant. Before we moved back to Texas, I was traveling with my baby alone about once every two months for about 18 months. Including oversees to Switzerland twice, California, Massachusetts, Philadelphia, Washington DC and multiple trips back and forth from Washington State to Texas.

My parents travel a ton and are lifetime lovers of Tumi Luggage and don't get me wrong, I love me some Tumi luggage too. In fact my favorite cosmetic travel case that I use all the time is the Tumi Voyageur Madina Cosmetic Pouch,  LOVE it so much! Worth the price but to be fair I purchased mine on sale at the Tumi store. I bought it in a color I wasn't crazy about but I didn't really care about the color over the sale price. Typically the classic colors like black don't go on sale but the light blue and eggplant ones do. Keep an eye out over the holidays, I bet they will go on sale again.

For my budget purposes, I end up sticking with travel accessories and small bags from Tumi. Love their backpacks and would also suggest you could use your Tumi backpack as a great diaper bag too! Even better is they monogram all your purchases for free right in store. 

Thanks to Instagram advertising or other bloggers I found my new favorite luggage brand....  

AWAY Luggage

Shown: The Large and The Carry-On

I have had the LARGE size for about two years and it has held up really well! Love how much I can get into it. It is also incredibly light on its own. Making it great to back your heavy boots, baby diapers, and toys. Other suitcases I have had end up being way too heavy and over the limit when I have backed all the baby necessities in it on top of shoes and cosmetic cases.  So this suitcase was a win for us!


Then I decided to get the smaller CARRY-ON size. Which is small but comes with the best accessory you can have while traveling.... An ejectable battery with USB and other ports. Fits both our Apple products and Amazon Fire tablets.  The ejectable battery sometimes freaks out the TSA and Flight attendants so depending on the person, I have had to either show them I can take the battery out or take it completely out and keep it with my purse under the seat. One flight attendant wouldn't let me put it in the overhead carry on. Their website says the following for more info....  "Ejectable battery is compliant with all airline policies, TSA-approved, and safe to fly." 


This is the interior of the Carry-on suitcase but the larger one looks identical but obviously larger.  I roll all my clothes to avoid wrinkles, rolling really decreases wrinkles on all my clothes and frees up space. Then love that I can dump diapers, shoes, socks other floating around stuff on the other side and use the zip so it doesn't move around.  And they provide a little folded up dirty bag pouch in the side to use.


Love that it was pretty inexpensive to add the custom monogram. You can choose your font style and colors. Making it super easy to spot in baggage claim. Then to top it all off is the TSA approved lock code and Key lock.

Most of the marks that happen on the outside will just wipe away easily. I just honestly haven't done that here so you can so the actual wear and tear on bag which isn't much at all.

Personally think they are a great buy for under $300 for the large !

Click here to Shop The Away Luggage



Gift Guide: Babies, Toddlers & Kiddos

Friday, November 16, 2018

Holiday Gift Guide for all your littles ...



I personally don;t think parents of babies this age really need to be buying your own baby,  Christmas gifts.  I promise, I am no Grinch or Scrooge,  I LOVE the Holidays and buying gifts for others!  BUT you have probably bought so much stuff throughout this first year of your baby's life and will continue too. Which means you have been giving them gifts all year long and lets be honest they won't remember anyways. Most likely your friends and family will be getting your baby a gift and that will be plenty for them to attempt to open. So Here are some items that you can send to friends and family asking what to get you or if you are buying a gift for someone else's baby. 

Baby Banana Infant Training Toothbrush and Teether  \\\  Animated Flappy The Elephant Plush Toy \\\   Babyprints Newborn Baby Ornament  \\\  Skip Hop Explore & More Follow-Me Bee Crawl Toy  \\\  Wooden Children's One-Step Stool With Personalized Name  \\\  TOP BRIGHT Activity Cube  \\\  Fisher-Price Learn with Me Zebra Walker  \\\  Freshly Picked Fringe Moccasin




TABY {12 -18 MONTHS} 

I discovered the  term "TABY" from a momtrepreneur I follow on intsagram,  {@BusyToddler}. Basically not a true baby anymore and not really a full on toddler. Every time I say it in my head, that damn Britney Spears songs pops up, "I am not a girl, not yet a woman" and now I can't get it out of my head. Anyways, here are some great gifts for this in-between age range. 


A great personalized gift is this Pinhole Press Board Book. Especially nice for a "taby" that isn't near by all their cousins and family. I am getting one of these for our nephew so he can know and learn our names and faces.  

Melissa & Doug Let's Play House Dust! Sweep! Mop! 6-Piece Pretend Play Set  \\\ Teach My Toddler Learning Kit \\\ Lewo Wooden Building Blocks 100 pieces  \\\ YBIKE BIKE Pewi Elite Bike Walking Ride On Toy  \\\ First Chair- Large X-Print Khaki Nod Chair  \\\  Teamson Kids - Modern Play Kitchen





Anders loves music and every night before we go to bed we have a family dance party. I am pretty sure this is happening in a lot of households because I see a lot of it documented on social media. There are a bunch of studies and articles about all the positive effects music appreciation can help develop and stimulate the mind of our young ones. This makes us big fans of musical instruments as gifts in our household. Here are some of our favorites.



Overwhelmed with what wooden train set you want to go with? I found this very helpful article that breaks it down by brand {Train Guide}.
Ultimately we are going with the tried and true Brio, since it has a starter set for 18 months + .
Brio My First Railway Beginner Pack Most of the trains are recommended for 3 yr old and up for the small magnetic parts so this is a good one for our almost 24 month old.


This is so damn cute and funny to watch them ride on. Give your kiddo a PONY, UNICORN or ZEBRA! I would always see these at Holiday Shopping Markets and now so excited to have a toddler of my own to actually get one for!


We have one in our front yard and literally all the kids on street come and play on it for hours. Easy to install and does not collect water when it rains.  SWING-N-SLIDE NEST SWING




I have always been an apple user and I myself have an ipad but it is a little expensive for a kiddo in my personal opinion. So I chose to buy the Amazon Fire Kids Edition Table. It comes with a 2 yr warranty and kid proof case and it's under $100! Obviously this is especially a no brainer if you already are a Amazon prime member because then you get access to movies, shoes, books and games all included in that membership.



Literacy Enrichment and Play or LEAP "creates a love of literacy in your children with our hand crafted multi sensory subscription box". Two teachers and moms have created this brilliant subscription box for your little ones. Such a great gift! You can sign up for/gift a box month to month, 3 months or 6 months subscription.  Click here to Shop & find out more! 
Also, great resource to follow on Instagram




Really this is something for the whole family! I love this idea and the creative play it inspires. This is on the top of our Christmas list this year. You can get a number of different covers and change the covers later too! Such versatility with this item.  Shop the Nugget Comfort