Travel Tips: FIRST YEAR WITH BABY {Part one}

Sunday, January 28, 2018

I would never claim to be an expert BUT I have traveled by plane, train, boat and car with my baby all throughout his first year and continue too because I am a bit crazy and obviously sadistic (JK).

In all seriousness we have been to Seattle, Boston, California, Paris, Switzerland, and numerous times to Houston all in his first year of life, in total 18 flights!!!! The more shocking note to this is I have only flown 5 of those times with my husband or parents. {I usually fly out earlier and get to stay a little longer then my husband and so we fly alone a lot}  So Again, not an expert but a very experienced traveler with a baby. 

Here is what I have learned…

I was always taught you never bring more than you can carry yourself when traveling.  But this can be a difficult rule to follow when flying alone with baby. I was reluctant at first to accept help from fellow travelers but the more I traveled the more I became relaxed and open to help. No need to be super woman at all times, you need help, allow people to help you fold down that stroller, etc. 


Dress them in PJ's or long sleeves and pants. Easy clothes to get off and on, so when you are wrestling your babe in the tiny ass airline bathroom you don't have to fuss with his clothes.  No need to get fancy with their outfit here. You want them to be warm but not sweating because if your kid is anything like mine when i am holding him for long time periods we both start sweating. I wear my workout clothes because flying alone with your baby is a marathon!

PACK AN EXTRA PAIR OF CLOTHES FOR BOTH OF YOU! The last thing you need is to have a blow out on the plane and then have to wear those Blow out clothes for the rest of the flight. Your fellow passengers will thank you too! 

Once he started walking we put him in some Freshly Picked moccasins, they are great for traveling. Now that he is up climbing on top of me most of the flights these are perfect shoes to protect his little feet and not hurt me as he is standing and checking everyone out. 

Flying with a active on the go baby is very different then flying with an infant but we will get to that another time. 

We waited till Anderson was 3 months for him to take his first flight. I flew alone on a midday 4-hour flight from Portland to Houston. Luckily for me, I was upgraded to first class which is nice for a number of reasons but not too worry if that isn’t your situation this is the easiest time to fly with your baby. 

 Anderson's first flight, wearing the Solly Baby Wrap


I can not recommend the Solly Baby wrap enough, it was a must have for flying with your baby,!!! {Especially from birth to about crawling age}.  Once Anderson was really crawling and getting around the solly wrap did not contain him as much as I needed and then we switched over to the ErgoBaby360 carrier

Solly Baby Wrap: 0- Crawling Age

Ergobaby360 Carrier: Crawling age – 1+



Once past security, I would put on my Solly baby wrap then would pop him into the wrap just before boarding, so that my arms where free to break down stroller/car seat at gate check.

I used this Gate Check red bag to protect my car seat from weather/tearing/what have you at gate check. This is by far the most difficult thing to do when you are traveling alone. Ask someone for help, I tried to do this myself a couple times and I am sure it was comical to watch.



Backpack is the way to go! Any backpack is good but I particularly love my Skip Hop backpack. For (one), it reminds me of the TUMI backpacks and (secondly) it allows for hands free. 

So you can just imagine, You have your baby in carrier in front, backpack on your back and now you are free to breakdown your stroller and send last SOS help text to your loved ones before plane takes off. 

Once you get on plane I would take him out of the carrier or if he was already asleep let him sleep until he woke up. The waiting before take off just sitting on the plane is the worst time. I swear your baby can feel the anxiousness of everyone on the plane and it can cause some freak-outs. Stay calm yourself, Anxiety spreads and once the plane starts moving your baby will most likely chill out.


Get that baby milk drunk whether you are bottle-feeding or breastfeeding. I would get on the plane, immediately start nursing by the time you take off he was sound asleep. The plane white noise is perfect to lull your baby to sleep. Anderson wouldn’t take a pacifier but this was another option too we tried. Just be sure to have them sucking bottle, nipple, pacifier on take off and descent.  

Once he was milk drunk, i would slip him back into my Solly baby wrap and attempt to watch movie, eat, etc. 

But really he slept most flights up until 7 months.  So my best advice would be fly and travel as much as you want for those months, your baby is going to be just fine and so are you. Also, if it is a shit show take a deep breath and learn to laugh! ignore that other passengers  looks and just take care of your kid.

You Got this!

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia @Target

Monday, November 6, 2017

Damn you Chip & Joanna Gaines!!! Hearth & Hand with Magnolia at Target has too many things I want and makes me want to redo all my Christmas decor. But I won't and just add some of these fabulous items to the mix.

If you don't know with Chip & Joanna Gaines are you must be living under a rock, or just not a HGTV or Texas fan.

Obviously, I love to watch their tv show for the design inspiration for Power House Investors ventures but now they have houses, decor, design, retail, bakery, books and now Target. I think they may be taking over the world with their Magnolia brand. ...

I went on Sunday to Target to check out the new Line Hearth & Hand and here is what I ended up getting although I really didn't need anything but couldn't resist.

All the other items in particular I love...

Only problem is you got to hurry to get these items, they are selling out fast.


I have sent this email to numerous people with all my maternity wear brands and places to go, so I figured I would share it with you. Not because I was the cutest dressed pregnant woman, because I totally was not. BUT because if I was a cutter pregnant woman then this is what I would be wearing and where it would be from and because I am really good at shopping and spending your money. No seriously, its a talent and a problem.


  • NORDSTROM -  great for dresses, underwear, shapewear, jeans really everything as per usual 

  •  A PEA IN THE POD - I personally shopped here a lot, despite absolutely hating the name. But the sales associates i encountered were extremely helpful picking out clothes for me and especially bras. My boobs jumped two cup sizes by 15 weeks and I would have never picked up the bra she choose for me since it look ridiculously large but it fit and was so comfortable. Never took it off! I also really liked their LUXE brand maternity jeans, which ran around $100 and totally wore them for at least 3 months post par-tum. It was so hard to return to regular jeans.

  • MOTHERHOOD - Same company as A Pea in the Pod but less expensive (think of A Pea in the POD as GAP and Motherhood as more of an OLD NAVY) I really didnt shop here until the last trimester, when I didnt care about looking cute anymore and just needed more large sweaters, bigger underwear and nursing tank tops. Their leggings ran too short for me (I am 5'9").  Oh and wore the shit out of the post partum c-section underwear, with a nursing tank , sweater and pajama pants for at least the first two months at home.


  • SHOPBURU- For during pregnancy and After! A lot of it is focused on after in my opinion, loose fit clothing for when you want to look stylish but you cant deal with waist bands yet. 

  • LEGOE HERITAGE - Australian modern maternity clothing line that I discovered after I had Anders. LOVE their clothes, joggers, super comfy stylish clothes.


  • TOPSHOP  and ASOS -  This is wear you get fun statement pieces that you know you are going to wear only during this pregnancy. Don't get me wrong they have great basics at both these stores too. I am just not convinced the materials will make it through more then one pregnancy. I mean go big or go home, to sleep because you can't get enough sleep at this point! Also good for nursing tops too!


  • GAP and OLD NAVY - maternity cotton tops galore, don't think I need to elaborate too much on this. Also, LOVE all the baby clothes at both these stores.


  • BEYOND YOGA MATERNITY LEGGINGS  - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE so super soft. Wore these months after I delivered too. 
  •  BLANQI- Post partum high waist leggings and super supportive tank top (comes in black and white) probably just buy both.