Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Tale of the One-Piece: Is it Age or is it Fashion?

Am I too old to be wearing a bikini?

That seems to be the question this summer on the beach for me.

 In May, a bunch of friends and I were hanging out at the Beach for the weekend. As we got comfy in our beach chairs with our white wine spritzers, my friend KO asks "Hey did I miss the memo, are we too old to be wearing bikinis?". I was confused why she was asking this, until I look around at our pop-up tent set-up on the beach, KO and I were the only one's wearing a bikini and everyone else was in a one-piece. I immediately thought come on that's crazy, we are only 30, we can't be considered too old to be wearing a bikini. Plus everyone else we were with just recently (within last year) had a baby. So we both brushed it off and got back to more important things like reading fashion & gossip mags. Although, we both did mention how naked we felt and within the hour and as more people collected at our tent, I noticed we had both put on our cover-ups. I mean they were pretty cute :)

Then, last weekend I was spending July 4th weekend at the beach and as my friend CAP and I were lounging in our beach chairs catching up (with more white wine spritzers- OMG I guess I am old lol!),  the group in the pop-up tent next to us, who all seemed to be of our similar age group, all had on one piece swimwear too!

 I came to the conclusion that;
(1) I am not to old to be wearing a bikini but

(2)  we are going to see less and less of our age group running around in just our bikini's on the beach with friends


(3) One-piece swimwear has really made a come back in fashion this year. 

Tips to remember when choosing a One-piece:

Let Pattern's & Design be your friend: Let the suits pattern or graphic design create the silhouette you want to show off! The design and pattern lines can draw your eyes to your most attractive attributes and disguise your least favorite ones. 

Don't be a Color Blob:  If you want to stick to a solid color, which is wise because it stay pretty timeless BUT it can also make you look like a sausage (or insert unflattering fruit shape here). The less the suit has a design print or different colors the less shape it provides for you. So make sure the suit has some shape enhancers like, rouching and deep v-necklines.

Cut-Outs: Are dangerously cute. They look so cute on the model but beware for those of us who are normal and have love handles. Cut-out bathing suits are great for boy-shaped body types and those who are comfortable enhancing the womanly shape. Love-handles are typically on display in these sexy cuts. But that doesn't mean you can't find some cute ones that will work with your body type.

If all else fails, think of a one-piece as an outfit. Create the whole look, a lot of times one-piece feel retro; pin-up girl, 70's, 80's and even 90's now. 

Have fun with it! It's summer and isn't that the point.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Aha ... The Coolest Online Store You Will Ever Find!

During my regular multitasking relaxing time, i.e. watching Real Housewives of {enter any city- because YES I watch them all} or basically any BRAVO show at this point in between my spurts of HGTV, and simultaneously scouring the web for cool new things to share,

I stumbled upon.....

 AHAlife, a curated marketplace for creative and inspiring products. 
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My ahalife Edited Shopping List

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Brighten Up your Room with ONE purchase!

I find a great way to change a room without going crazy and wanting to stay on a real small budget is to change your light fixtures or add a lamp!

In my home we drastically changed our dining room by just changing the chandelier. 


 Here is the picture from the House's listing when we purchased it. We have also painted
 (photo from


 Believe it or not this Chandelier was under $250!!! AND if you can get your cute husband, SO, or neighborhood helper over to help it is pretty simple, easy and inexpensive.

I have found some fab options for chandeliers, pendants, lamps and other lighting items that would look AMAZING almost anywhere! I will definitely be keeping some of these in my mind for upcoming development projects.