Currently Obsessed Beauty Products

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Sharing with you some of my favorite beauty products I am using these days. I am 35 and starting to really notice a difference in my skin, thanks a lot aging and hormones.  I also live in a much dryer climate now in the DFW area compared to Portland and Houston and my skin has never been more dehydrated looking and ashy which we know makes us look older. So skincare is now something high on my priority list when before the age of 30, I was lucky if I removed my makeup before I went to bed.


I love the HERBIVORE BOTANICALS product line. In particular their serums are amazing and the packing is very clean and modern. I am a sucker for a nice bottle especially if its going to end up sitting on my bathroom counter like they do.

I use the PHOENIX CELL REGENERATING SERUM in the dryer months right before I go to bed. It is very very moisturizing so a little goes a long way. Probably not for someone with oily prone skin.

Then I alternate the Phoenix serum with the LAPIS FACIAL OIL during the summer months and when I have broken out. This oil is very moisturizing but the blue tansy and lapis oil ingredients soothe broken out skin without clogging pores. It is for combination skin.

They both smell so good! Under $100 but a little goes a long way so you will have it for a while.


These are my absolute favorite moisturizing masks.

MARY LINDSTROM HONEY MUD it's made from all natural products, is super cleansing {you can use it like a facial cleanser or a mask, I prefer mask} and smells so yummy. I use a cheap paint brush to apply it. You can purchase a fancy one from the same brand but I used what I had already. I put it on and leave it for as long as I can. Usually, I put it on get in bed and watch some Real Housewives show and when the episode is over I wash it off. My skin looks always looks and feels like I just had a fabulous spa facial. Highly recommend this product!

BENTON SNAIL BEE HIGH CONTENT FACE MASK yes you read that right snail secretion and bee venom are the ingredients in this super moisturizing and healing face mask. Super affordable, the smell is kind of weird but leave it on for 30 + minutes and your face will thank you! The pack comes with 10 sheet masks. I always put one in my suitcase when we travel to help re-hydrate my skin after a flight. A friend introduce these to me and I gave them out as stocking stuffers for Christmas this year.

Construction Birthday Party

Monday, January 14, 2019

Anders turned 2 in December. I am like every parent, and can't believe my baby is two and where the hell did the time go. We had the party at our house, invited our close friends, family and the neighbors. It turned out great! All the kids loved playing with all the trucks, sand box and swing in the front yard.  We had a ball pit set up inside the play room and Anders didn't stop moving and running for 5 hours. Thank god for the adult beverages!



 Paperless Post 
Paperless Post is the nicer version of evite. Although, it does have some cost associated with it, they do have options that you can have the online version printed too. 


Construction hats for everyone! Construction Cones for decor and games.
I purchased pool rings to play with the cones for ring toss. Sand Box with left over construction vehicles from the party favor bags (see below). We use the kinetic sand even for outside sand box because this sand doesn't stick to anything and stays in the sandbox.
Little gingerbread cookies from Trader Joe's as the construction crew, oranges {on color theme obviously}. Then I put all the other non-messy snacks in individual cups and order pizza. 




I am shamefully obsessed with the party favors I put together. Guys, its the small things in life that bring joy, let me boast.  Raisins for the dirt, mini marshmallows for boulders and candy corn for constructions cones topped off with a small construction vehicle. They looked so cute and I think the kids loved them. Something they could eat but also play with on the way home. 

What birthday themes have you done in the past? It's super hard to stay in a small budget for a birthday party even when hosting it at home. Hope some of these inexpensive ideas help you!

Belt Bags

Friday, January 11, 2019

Belt Bags, the millenials fancy term for a fanny pack. If you are a kid from the 80's and 90's you might be thinking, WTF, is the fashion world bringing back those ugly things. BUT these belt bags are super stylish and lets just admit that even when they were the ugly fanny packs of the 80's and 90;s they were still super practical!

Which makes me think even more so man has motherhood changed me this much. Kidding but not kidding.

They have been growing on me for the past 2 years and over Christmas I took the plunge into the Belt bag world and I am LOVING IT!

- You can wear it casually around your hips, looks great with structured or slouchy styled bag

- Get a more structured bag and wear it over coats as a true belt

- Wear it like a crossbody bag

- Or depending on the bag, wear it like a purse on your shoulder.

I purchased the Rebecca Minkoff Bree Leather belt bag in grey {shown below in Shop the Look}. Its the slouchy kind but I think is the most versatile style since I am in a season of life right now that is calls for a more casual style. Meaning I have a wild toddler and lucky to get out of the house some days in anything besides leggings.  The structure belt bag style, I think works better for a more dressed, crisp look.  Not my season right now but maybe for you.

Here are some great ways to wear it.