Our new Haven

Thursday, August 9, 2018

I was taking some photos of our new house that we just moved into a little over a week ago to send to my mom for a progress update.  I still need my mom’s approval on most of my design choices, can’t help it but to be far she does the same thing with me.

I took this photo of our family room. 

By far my favorite room of our house! From the family room you can see everywhere in the house and as a mom of a rambunctious toddler nothing is more ideal.

AND what makes it so much better is this new couch we got from WEST ELM! We bought this online during a one-day sale. The house we bought did not have the room dimensions listed anywhere so based on my guesstimate from the photos of the kitchen cabinets and fireplace Matt and I decided it would fit and thank god it did!  

The HAVEN is super comfy but firm and the best thing is the fabric is super durable. Because one of the first nights we moved in we spilled some white wine on it and it just beaded and fell right off. By the time Matt came back to the couch with a napkin to wipe it up, we couldn't find the wet area on the couch. 

Currently, it is ON SALE again and you would be hard to find a couch with this quality and size for this price elsewhere.  Highly recommend it! 

Happy Shopping! 


Farewell, PNW Adventures...

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

 I thought I would write something and share it here as a cathartic exercise in closing out this chapter of our lives.  As we end our two-years living in the PNW, it stills feels almost surreal that we even lived here. 

This is the best way I can sum up my feelings of home over these last two years is like that feeling you had the first time coming home to visit from college.  Your childhood home no longer feels like “your home” and yet the new college home doesn’t feel quit like home either.  

Don’t get me wrong; we have really loved some parts of the PNW. For one, it’s freaking gorgeous, more on this later but it’s very far away from a life we knew.

Picture this, after an exhausting, emotional and physical process of getting pregnant via IVF, we finally conceive and are kept on “high-risk” status for most of the pregnancy. 

I am 7 months pregnant and have come to terms with the fact that I am no longer allowed to exercise and need to keep the stress level to a minimum for the rest of this pregnancy. …

Matt, my husband gets a call from a company he applied to over 5 + months ago and after moving on from the possibility of the job out in Camas, Washington, he receives a job offer that ultimately he can not pass up. It’s an amazing company, benefits, etc.  So after much discussion we decide to move but we have to do it within the month because we can’t have any lapse in medical coverage being that I am 7 months pregnant, high-risk and have already had an ER visit.

 Also, my mother has planned for the last year that she would be taking a job in Switzerland to fulfill her dream. Side note: she is a badass in the Ballet World and I couldn’t be more proud of her! My father and I have planned a trip for two-weeks to help her get settled in their new home away from Houston in Switzerland and all of this happens at the same time.

So at 7 months pregnant I head out to Switzerland, Matt puts in his two-week notice at his job and starts the online search of finding a home in our new town of Camas/Vancouver, Washington (right outside of Portland, OR) and we rent a house site unseen and cross our fingers. 

I get back from Switzerland and within 12 hours, Matt packs his car with as much as possible and the dogs and heads on out on the 3-day drive to our new home.  He then lives in the house on a blow up mattress with the dogs for almost a month before our stuff and I get there. 

I am left 7 months pregnant, to pack up our entire house and arrange everything. Its probably a good thing I didn’t see Matt for these few weeks, because I might have killed him given the chance.

 Remember now, I am not supposed to be working out and not doing stressful things.

One of my favorite sayings is, “Bitches get shit done” and Hormonal pregnant ones can even get more done.

We spend an arm and a leg but I get a company to pack and move us in two weeks. I hate being alone, and pack my bag and go and stay at my parents Houston house with my dad.

Matt doesn’t really get to say good-bye to any of his friends and it just feels like we sort of disappear out of this life we had wished and planed for … Baby in this house, neighborhood, growing up with our friends kids, etc.

By chance, we had planned my baby shower for the first weekend of October. This works as my going away party too and within the 3 hour event, I say goodbye to my family and friends and hop on a plane the next day, 8 months pregnant, traveling to my new home. 

We leave our village … We Know No ONE here. …

Looking back now, I don’t know how I did it. All I can think is, I kept my head looking straight and concentrating on this little baby that was coming very soon. 

To top off this crazy year we had, I had a super long delivery and just about everything you get to experience, I got to experience. Pre-eclampsia, being induced, intense contractions in a bath, epidural, diarrhea, baby’s heart beat issues, throwing up, pushing for 2 hours to realize this guy wasn’t coming out that way, finally after almost 24 hours he was born PERFECT & Healthy (really all you want) via c-section. I was incredibly lucky to be able to breast feed after a 2 week trial by error, lip/tongue tie laser extravaganza. And Then…. The grand finale, my c-section incision got infected and it had to be reopened and then heal on its own taking more than 6 weeks of weekly visits to the wound clinic. 

I joked around with friends back home that when Matt went to work, it was just Anders and I out in the woods. Obviously, an exaggeration but 100% how I felt. The winters in PNW are grey and cold and the sun rises at 8 am and starts to set by 4pm. Sun is non-existent for months, I know no one and I’m a first time, now stay-at home mom with a newborn.
I have been asked by friends did I have post-partum depression; my answer is I never gave post-partum depression a chance. I went on meds immediately! I had more then enough reason to actually be depressed without the influx of post-partum hormones. We joke that the MVP of 2017 was Zoloft! As the sun came back in the summer, I weaned myself off the medication. 

But the isolation helped me to really listen and learn my baby and allow me to trust my own maternal instincts. By the time I went back to Houston to visit, I had already gained so much confidence in my mothering that I was easily able to ignore comments and unwanted advice from friends and family that I think most first time moms get bombarded and overwhelmed with. Being that there are so many ways to do things. I didn’t try everything everyone told me, we just did what worked.  And this helped me strive with Anders.

Anyways, rambling on … 

The PNW taught Matt and I a lot about ourselves, each other and we did things we would have never done being back in Houston. We hiked and took day trips to random places.  Tulip festival, Waterfalls, cutting down our own Christmas tree, wine country trips, Hikes to volcanoes, drives to beaches and the list goes on. Once the sun comes out it is magnificent.  And I really did enjoy wearing my birkenstocks.  

We ultimately grew a lot out here, no surprise because you can literally grow anything and everything here but find it funny that even we grew as people.

As we say goodbye to this place we have called home for the past two years but never really felt like home, I thank the PNW for nurturing or little family that turned into three here. Where are baby had so many firsts. He loves being outside and looking at birds and watching the tress sway in the wind and I wonder would that have happened if we would have stayed in Houston?  No matter how hard these last 2 years have been this was no question the right choice for us.  

 We now head back to Texas feeling extremely excited to plant our roots and continue to grow, with the life experience we take from our PNW ADVENTURES! 

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Travel Tips: FIRST YEAR WITH BABY {Part one}

Sunday, January 28, 2018

I would never claim to be an expert BUT I have traveled by plane, train, boat and car with my baby all throughout his first year and continue too because I am a bit crazy and obviously sadistic (JK).

In all seriousness we have been to Seattle, Boston, California, Paris, Switzerland, and numerous times to Houston all in his first year of life, in total 18 flights!!!! The more shocking note to this is I have only flown 5 of those times with my husband or parents. {I usually fly out earlier and get to stay a little longer then my husband and so we fly alone a lot}  So Again, not an expert but a very experienced traveler with a baby. 

Here is what I have learned…

I was always taught you never bring more than you can carry yourself when traveling.  But this can be a difficult rule to follow when flying alone with baby. I was reluctant at first to accept help from fellow travelers but the more I traveled the more I became relaxed and open to help. No need to be super woman at all times, you need help, allow people to help you fold down that stroller, etc. 


Dress them in PJ's or long sleeves and pants. Easy clothes to get off and on, so when you are wrestling your babe in the tiny ass airline bathroom you don't have to fuss with his clothes.  No need to get fancy with their outfit here. You want them to be warm but not sweating because if your kid is anything like mine when i am holding him for long time periods we both start sweating. I wear my workout clothes because flying alone with your baby is a marathon!

PACK AN EXTRA PAIR OF CLOTHES FOR BOTH OF YOU! The last thing you need is to have a blow out on the plane and then have to wear those Blow out clothes for the rest of the flight. Your fellow passengers will thank you too! 

Once he started walking we put him in some Freshly Picked moccasins, they are great for traveling. Now that he is up climbing on top of me most of the flights these are perfect shoes to protect his little feet and not hurt me as he is standing and checking everyone out. 

Flying with a active on the go baby is very different then flying with an infant but we will get to that another time. 

We waited till Anderson was 3 months for him to take his first flight. I flew alone on a midday 4-hour flight from Portland to Houston. Luckily for me, I was upgraded to first class which is nice for a number of reasons but not too worry if that isn’t your situation this is the easiest time to fly with your baby. 

 Anderson's first flight, wearing the Solly Baby Wrap


I can not recommend the Solly Baby wrap enough, it was a must have for flying with your baby,!!! {Especially from birth to about crawling age}.  Once Anderson was really crawling and getting around the solly wrap did not contain him as much as I needed and then we switched over to the ErgoBaby360 carrier

Solly Baby Wrap: 0- Crawling Age

Ergobaby360 Carrier: Crawling age – 1+



Once past security, I would put on my Solly baby wrap then would pop him into the wrap just before boarding, so that my arms where free to break down stroller/car seat at gate check.

I used this Gate Check red bag to protect my car seat from weather/tearing/what have you at gate check. This is by far the most difficult thing to do when you are traveling alone. Ask someone for help, I tried to do this myself a couple times and I am sure it was comical to watch.



Backpack is the way to go! Any backpack is good but I particularly love my Skip Hop backpack. For (one), it reminds me of the TUMI backpacks and (secondly) it allows for hands free. 

So you can just imagine, You have your baby in carrier in front, backpack on your back and now you are free to breakdown your stroller and send last SOS help text to your loved ones before plane takes off. 

Once you get on plane I would take him out of the carrier or if he was already asleep let him sleep until he woke up. The waiting before take off just sitting on the plane is the worst time. I swear your baby can feel the anxiousness of everyone on the plane and it can cause some freak-outs. Stay calm yourself, Anxiety spreads and once the plane starts moving your baby will most likely chill out.


Get that baby milk drunk whether you are bottle-feeding or breastfeeding. I would get on the plane, immediately start nursing by the time you take off he was sound asleep. The plane white noise is perfect to lull your baby to sleep. Anderson wouldn’t take a pacifier but this was another option too we tried. Just be sure to have them sucking bottle, nipple, pacifier on take off and descent.  

Once he was milk drunk, i would slip him back into my Solly baby wrap and attempt to watch movie, eat, etc. 

But really he slept most flights up until 7 months.  So my best advice would be fly and travel as much as you want for those months, your baby is going to be just fine and so are you. Also, if it is a shit show take a deep breath and learn to laugh! ignore that other passengers  looks and just take care of your kid.

You Got this!