Thursday, October 30, 2014

Outfit Obsession: Over-sized Sweater & Leather

We finally got a bit of a cold front in Houston (meaning the high is 80 today, lol!) but the crisp morning are making me excited about my current Outfit Obsession, Over-sized Sweaters & Leather. 

I saw this picture of Kendall Jenner wearing this fabulously chic outfit at some basketball game and have been excited about Fall and colder weather ever since.

This outfit is brilliant Fall look for just about everyone because let's face it, she is wearing glorified leggings and an over-sized comfy sweater. How can this not be a win win for all! 

WEAR it dressed up

Outfit Obsession: Oversized Sweater & Leather

Monday, October 27, 2014

Target Decor Edit

Every time I host a dinner or party at my house, people ask me where I get my furniture and decor. I guess you could call my (Matt and I's) decor style as an eclectic, mix & match mid-century modern. Therefore some of my items are antiques, hand me downs, expensive pieces and a mix of ikea & target hacks.
Everyone is always shocked by which items I reveal are from Ikea and/or Target. But I have found that when you mix them amongst the other items you can barely tell, if at all, that they are the inexpensive piece that they are. I have really started to love that reveal moment!

The key to shopping at places like Ikea and in particular Target, is you have to keep your eye on their merchandise. Sometime it is hit or miss but recently Target in my opinion has really stepped up their game with their furniture & decor styles.

My Current Target Edit


Fall Decor Target Edit

 If you have watched any recent HGTV remodeling shows you will know these chairs immediately. They are the basics for any modern industrial dining room. These Carlisle Dining Chair (Set of 2) $84.99 are perfect chairs to add to your dining room set or to have as extra chairs to be used when needed. Also great for outdoor dining decor too!

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I really can't get enough of Black/White these days and this Nate Berkus™ Ivory Velvet Applique Pillow for $24.99 is just the perfect black/white pillow to add to your couch. 

Even better is mixing this modern black/white print with a bright Aztec print pillow, 
the Mudhut™ Handwoven Center Burst Toss Pillow also for $24.99. 

I would suggest buying 2 of the black/white print and one of the handwoven print pillow and it will really give your living room a personalized style. 

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I am not sure you can find a better looking pair of lamps at a better price then these Safavieh Euginia Sphere Table Lamp - Gold/White for $153.12. They will bring elegance and style to any room whether it is in your bedroom or living room. Sometimes it's nice to have matching pieces like two sophisticated lamps.

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I think it is important to really make a statement or more or less have a statement as you walk into your home with your Entry. If you don't have a defined entry way then I think it is important to try to create one. Use a piece of furniture like this Safavieh Lacey Side Table for $129.99 and style it with design books, trinkets (but not too much stay with 3 at most) and always some flowers in a vase (I don;t think their is anything wrong with some attractive faux flowers). Try a vase like this Nate Berkus™ White Facet Vase $9.99!

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Last Minute Halloween Costumes #DIY

O.K. Halloween is literally around the corner, like Friday!

If you are like me you are trying to put your costume together last minute. I always want to pick out my costume and really commit but it always ends up being in the last days that I figure out No.1 what I am going to the actually doing and No. 2 what the hell to wear!

Here are some last minute ideas and how to pull them off.

Slouchy Skeleton

The Slouchy Skeleton

Even if this skeleton sweatsuit onesie comes in after Halloween, I don't think I would even be mad. I LOVE it! And since I'm most likely having a laid back Halloween with some friends passing out candy to the crazy neighborhood kids. I think this is the perfect way to dress up while still being comfy and ready to watch some scary movies with wine. Oh and don't forget to add the sexy bra, skeleton's can be sexy too right?

Bon Temps Vampire

Bon Temps Vampire 

Grab a bottle of Bloody Mary mix and make your D.I.Y. "True Blood" label and getting to drinking as a Bon Temps Vampire.  Perfect way to wear the sneaker trend while hopping from party to party. Love the mini dagger earrings!

What have you planned to dress up as?