Little Black One-piece

Monday, February 18, 2019

Spring is almost here and that means Spring Break and for some, Beach Vacation!  Which might be the first time for you to be in a swimsuit since August. Fortunately and unfortunately I have had the pleasure of getting into a swim suit every week since September for my 2 year old sons swim class. But I am happy to report that he has graduated to next level, which means I don't have to get in the pool anymore, woohoo! So I have been in a swimsuit but my body has still not been exposed to the sun since August!

We all find comfort in that closet staple, the Little Black Dress and why not have a Little Black One-piece that you can equally find comfort in, your go to swim wear. Spring Break Beach Vacay will be that first time your pale legs see the sun again and everyone looks tanner in black, as well as the obvious how much slimmer we feel and look.

I have complied the best Little Black One-pieces out there for you to snag now for your next beach vacation.

UNDER $150 



OVER $150 

Top 10 Must Have Baby Gear

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

These are my top ten must have baby gear items, 
as in if I could only buy 10 items these would be them.

ONE   ///  TWO  ///  THREE  ///  FOUR  ///  FIVE  ///  SIX  ///  SEVEN  ///  EIGHT  ///  NINE  ///  TEN

The Dock-A-TOT, number one on my list for a reason. I went the first two weeks without it and once we got it in the mail we used it every day up until 8 months when our son grew out of it. Fabulous from co-sleeping to traveling. The nice thing about this is consistency for your babe, no matter where you are your babe can be in the dock-a-tot and so not to disturb the routine.

The Sound Machine {TWO} and Baby Monitor {THREE} are great for in home and portable! The sound machine charges with a cord, I made a mistake of getting one that uses battery and was literally having to change the battery every week. This one you can even use while out and about doing errands, restaurants etc. I have been looking at this baby monitor for a while now. We currently use a Motorola one and while it has been good and lasted 2 years it is on it's last leg. I Love this Totokan Baby Monitor for the wide camera angle it can get and it is easy to travel with. Once our current one dies this is the one I will be replacing it with.

GATHRE {FOUR} Baby changing mat that are non toxic, compact, wipe-able and waterproof. Super easy to add to any diaper bag, purse or even just having in the other room because you are changing your new born every 30 minutes and don't always want to have to get up and go to another room or floor.

Ollie Baby Swaddle {FIVE} is great since it is one size that grows with your baby. So really all you need is the pack that comes with two swaddles and your set. Yes, newborns don't seem to like to be saddle but remember you are in charge not the newborn and swaddle him/her because they really sleep so much better. Then you can transition them easily in it too by taking the arms out but still having the snug fit that comforts them. Best part you don't have to take it off or undo anything to change a diaper, which is a priceless feature at 3am.

Solly Baby Wrap {SIX} gave me my life back a bit. I didn't have anyone helping me, since I was new in town I did a lot on my own and so I lived in the Solly wrap. I believe you can wear your kiddo until they are 25 lbs but around 9 months or so we stopped just because he was to wild. I wore this around the house when he just wanted to be held, so I could cook or just have my arms back. I wore traveling, an absolute must if you are going to travel a lot with a babe, so easy for plane trips and visiting friends and family being off your schedule and just wearing them. I went wine tasting, wearing him, grocery shopping, basically I did everything for 9 months with this wrap on. Loved it!

Doona Infant Car Seat {SEVEN} The car seat is the stroller, you don't need anything else! Yes, the storage is small but I like that because it forces you to only take the necessary items and with babies it is so easy to over pack and haul around everything you could possibly need which after a while is ridiculous. I learned less was more and easier for me with baby.

 Aden + Anais Swaddle 4-pack {EIGHT} You really will only need this one 4-pack and these swaddle blankets can be used for so much more then swaddling. Blanket, they are absorbent, lightweight and compact to just shove in any bag. In the beginning I used them to cover up when breastfeeding, after 2 months I gave up on covering up with anything but this was nice to have.

Baby Bjorn Bouncer {NINE} This is light weight and easy to move around the house. Bouncing sometimes was the only way I could calm my son down in the middle of the night when I was so tired and ran out of ideas.

Inglesina Fast Table Chair {TEN} If you have a small space or just not sure about a high chair this is for you! We got this since we traveled so much, easy to grab and go, super sturdy and safe. You could honestly forgo a traditional high chair and just have this on kitchen counter or a secure table.  

What about you, any items you couldn't live without ?

Travel Tips: Toddler

Monday, February 11, 2019



Here I am pictured traveling with Anders (my 15 month old at the time) on a 4 hours solo flight from Portland to Houston. Notice how much crap I have to carry all by myself because traveling alone with a toddler is as I imagine, as difficult as running a marathon is! I have never ran a marathon and never plan too but this is as close too a marathon as I will ever be. You have got to get your game face on, dress and plan accordingly and know it is a long haul from leaving one place --> loading the car -->getting to airport ---> getting kid out of car seat, unloading car --> getting set up to do some walking --> check in, drop of bags --> take everything off go through security --> put everything back on, grab bags, balance holding kid, bags and pushing things ---> dropping everything at gate to just pick up everything again to board plane --> Then arrive and do the reverse back to your final spot. 
Ok maybe a running a marathon is less complicated! You tell me runners?


The thing about traveling with a 12 months + toddler is you can still have them as a lap infant up until their 2 year old birthday.  If you are flying with someone else this is still somewhat manageable to keep them a lap infant because you can trade off holding them. I would still bring a baby carrier like The Ergo Baby 360 carrier. You can't have them in the carrier during take off or landing but in the in-between I would wear it and it would help him fall asleep to be held closely to me. 

BUT for me it was impossible to keep my kiddo somewhat still and in my lap flying solo. At around 12 months old if I was flying alone with him, I always purchased him a seat. Yup I forked out twice the cost it should fly us because my child is wild and doesn't do will with being restrained by me for 4 hours. So if you have a wild child or just have the extra funds, do yourself a favor and just bit the bullet and purchase his/her own seat. 

Then bring your FAA approved  car seat (Check your airline website info and side of the car seat label for the FAA approval notification) on the airplane, place facing forward and strap that kid in. This is especially helpful when you have to use the restroom other wise you are bringing that kid in to sit on your lap while using it and holding your breath while they attempt to touch every inch of the dirty airplane bathroom and somehow wipe yourself at the same time. 

When traveling with a car seat you have a few options on how to carry it...

-You can patiently hold it on top of your stroller like I am doing in the top picture. This was a pain in the ass but I had him strapped in the baby carrier and at that time this was my only option.

- Car Seat Luggage Strap, you strap your car seat onto your rolling carry-on bag. Unless I am traveling with my husband I usually don't take a rolling carry-on bag, just too much to push with a stroller too. 

- Brica Smart Move Car Seat Travel Cart, it is essentially like a dolly for your car seat. You just attach the straps to car seat like you would installing in the car and push or pull. You can even put your kid in the car seat and push this way if you can forgo the stroller. 

and last option,

-J.L. Childress Ultimate Backpack Padded Car Seat Travel Bag, Check your car seat and hold your kiddo as a lap infant or chance it without a car seat in the airplane seat. Obviously much less to carrier but I would only do this if your child can and will sit in seat with seat belt for take of and landing. I don't trust my 2 year old to do this yet, so we always use the car seat on the plane. This is not a bag for gate check, read my other traveling with baby post for gate check bag.








It is all about the snacks, more snacks, and then more snacks. Seriously! I love to give Anders an apple on the plane because it takes him forever to eat the whole thing and he will eat an entire apple. Pack easy access snacks. Like dried fruit in small snack bags. I try not to give Anders an entire new bag of snack because that is just setting us up for half the bag to find its way to the floor. 
Veggie straws, goldfish you know the drill. Ask the flight attendants for plastic cups and you can place small amounts in the cups for them to hold since toddlers love some independence. 
I do not like to bring those squeeze puree food if I don't have to, it is also something that will end up on the floor or squeezed out on the seat and then used to paint with. 

Stickers! Sticker books, Stickers to put on window and everywhere! These sticker books keep Anders occupied for a while. Also added some other fun toys and activities we have used on planes and car rides. The key here is get some sticker books or the water coloring books and then only use them for travel. They will be new and exciting again and guarantee extra occupied time over something they usually get to play with.

Videos, Movies, Screen time you name it, give it to them! 
Sometimes he will wear headphones and sometimes he won't and not having sound doesn't seem to bother him. But if you are going to use headphones make sure to give them the headphones before at home to practice otherwise they will spend the whole time taking them on and off and well maybe that isn't a bad thing either probably occupies another 15 minutes of flight time. 


Well best of luck traveling with your toddler! Let me know if any of these items worked well for you!