Must Have: The Poncho Blanket

Friday, September 12, 2014

Everyone saw this fabulous outfit Olivia Palermo wore at New York Fashion Week this past week.

 The Poncho Blanket Look is here! 
It is a take on 1970's Folk Style. Think Penny Lane in today's world.

Fall 2014 Ready-to-Wear Runway Looks 

#Ponchoblanket RUNWAY LOOKS 

Look to the runway looks for inspiration. If you have the checking account to purchase these looks then good for you, you bad ass!

But for the rest of us, here are some Street Style looks to inspire  you to take the runway idea and apply it to your everyday lifestyle.

Street Style Looks


Obviously, the poncho blanket looks awesome with jeans, which typically means it will pair perfectly with any jean pant; leather, distressed, black, etc.

Key to remember is this is your statement piece for the outfit. Don't try to add too much more otherwise you will start looking like you are wear a costume, instead of a fashion forward outfit.

To make it a basic, get one in neutral color; nude, black, grey, even a dark green would be good.

I love this piece for the very transitional aspect it provides to your wardrobe and it just looks so damn comfortable.... and chic! and isn't that what we all really want in the end. 
To be comfortable and look fabulous.

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