Monday, March 3, 2014

The Men of the #Oscars

Navy tuxedos and white dinner jackets was what the stylish men of Hollywood wore on the red carpet last night.

The Bad... and Very Bad

Paul Dano in Prada

He looks like he is 10 and his mom dressed him.


David O'Russell in Prada

Something went very wrong here with Prada again.


Bill Murray in ...?

Was he wearing his tuxedo all day sitting and reading the newspaper? I know it's Bill Murray but come on ... someone buy him an iron!


The Good

Christoph Waltz in Prada

Oh thank gawd! Prada did do some good with the guys. Christoph Waltz is


Michael B. Jordan in Givenchy

Keeping it young and fresh



This is a tie for me!

Kevin Spacey in Burberry

I just LOVE LOVE this navy and black tuxedo look. He is looking sharp!


Jared Leto in Saint Laurent

I love the white dinner jacket with his ruby bow tie and of course his hair.... how every woman was having some serious hair envy last night. I still have a mad crush on Leto from My-so-called life days!

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