{Red Carpet} Time to Fire your Hair Stylist? or Get one!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Not trying to be mean in spirit but seriously what happened with these ladies hair-do's for the Oscar's last night?

Someone please be a good friend to them and let them know this not good!

Oh Maria Menounos, the dress by Romona Keveza is fab BUT your hair belongs in the past! This is not a beauty pageant this is the Oscars.


Photo Source: Huffingtonpost.com

Nora Jones in Tadashi Shoji, this updo looks like it came from one of the books at Supercuts from 1992. WHY and WHO did this to you?slide_282789_2144126_free

Photo Source: Huffingtonpost.com

Kristen Stewart, I am so over you not caring what you look like. Deal with it, your famous and your acting isn't fabulous so try and make an effort before your time is over. Your a beautiful girl so stop acting like a teenage brat! Do something with your hair and for once complete a look. slide_282789_2145173_free

Photo Source: Huffingtonpost.com


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  1. I so agree with you, beautiful ladies, gorgeous dresses, finish the look!! Top to bottom.