One Dress - Three Holiday Party Outfits

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Holiday season is upon us, which means bring on the Holiday parties and busy schedules. You don't want to have to buy a new dress for every event this month but you also don't want to appear to be wearing the exact same outfit at every event.

The Solution....... One Dress for Three very different Holiday Parties

The Little Black Dress

and this particular dress works for a number of reasons...

One, the dress is black, you can't get more versatile than that. (oh look I rhymed, I'm like Dr. Seuss for fashionistas).

Two, the dress looks like it is made up of two separate pieces. This will be helpful, when trying to where it multiple times. The appearance of two pieces will conceal the fact that you are just repeating the same dress (hopefully with enough time to get it dry cleaned in-between).

Three, the form fitting skirt can really work on many different body types, because the skirt can become its own spanx too, sucking in all the finger foods you have been sneaking in between catching up with people at the parties.

Fourth, the jersey fabric allows for both evening and casual wear.

and it's just the right enough of sexy!

 Friend's Holiday Party

Since it's your friend's holiday party you can be a little more funky, edgy, try out a new style, or just be your individual self.  This party is neither dressy nor casual, basically what you would wear out on the town.

Outfit 1: Friends Holiday Party

Outfit 1: Friends Holiday Party by styledbyroz featuring a knot ring

Get the Look-

Fun statement red lips - remember when it comes to make-up stick to either highlighting your lips (as in red lipstick) or highlighting your eyes (i.e. smoky eye make-up) BUT don't do both! So with the statement lipstick wear natural eye shadow, you can still wear dark eye-liner etc but just remember the lips are your focal point.

Top-knot hair - a great solution to dirty hair that won't cooperate. I love the top-knot bun and wear it 75% of the time, I am really becoming a master of the Disheveled look!

After Work Party (or Work Holiday Party)

Tone the sexy down with a cardigan and/or add a belt for a more work friendly look. This is the outfit you wear on the day you know you have lots of meetings and then straight from work you have to go to a Holiday networking party.

Outfit 2: After Work Holiday Party

Outfit 2: After Work Holiday Party by styledbyroz featuring long sleeve tops

Get the Look - 

The Makeup - Natural, soft, and easy to update mid-afternoon or in the car before you get to the party or event. Soft pinks, browns and nudes for the eyes, face and lips.

The Chignon- Fancy word for low bun. Classic look, without too much hassle, and won't have to worry about your hair lasting the entire day. It's already up!

Cocktail Holiday Party

Less is more! Add a fabulous chandelier earring, a ankle strap stiletto and a sparkled clutch and you have a killer sexy cocktail look.

Outfit 3- Cocktail Holiday Party

Outfit 3- Cocktail Holiday Party by styledbyroz featuring high heel shoes

Get the Look - 

Sultry Makeup- a smokey eye, glossy lips will do the trick.

Soft curls - blow dry hair, use a large 2" curling iron and finish off with Moroccan Oil hair spray for a natural strong hold.