Our new Haven

Thursday, August 9, 2018

I was taking some photos of our new house that we just moved into a little over a week ago to send to my mom for a progress update.  I still need my mom’s approval on most of my design choices, can’t help it but to be far she does the same thing with me.

I took this photo of our family room. 

By far my favorite room of our house! From the family room you can see everywhere in the house and as a mom of a rambunctious toddler nothing is more ideal.

AND what makes it so much better is this new couch we got from WEST ELM! We bought this online during a one-day sale. The house we bought did not have the room dimensions listed anywhere so based on my guesstimate from the photos of the kitchen cabinets and fireplace Matt and I decided it would fit and thank god it did!  

The HAVEN is super comfy but firm and the best thing is the fabric is super durable. Because one of the first nights we moved in we spilled some white wine on it and it just beaded and fell right off. By the time Matt came back to the couch with a napkin to wipe it up, we couldn't find the wet area on the couch. 

Currently, it is ON SALE again and you would be hard to find a couch with this quality and size for this price elsewhere.  Highly recommend it! 

Happy Shopping!