Rainy Day Wear

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Houston has been so rainy, gray and dreary I am starting to go crazy! This Christmas I got a new bike and I have been desperate to ride it but the sun has literally come out twice since the holidays and I have been stuck inside.  Which leads me to the fact my entire wardrobe for these last couple of weeks of been a mix of workout wear and lounge wear. Not such a bad thing but I miss feeling somewhat attractive. So I am revamping my athletic wear (see previous post "Let's get Physical") and have some cute ideas for keeping it sexy while lounging. 

Lounge wear doesn't have to be unattractive or uncomfortable, just take a look at the photo above. Love this Chunky Knit Over-sized Sweater and Over-the-Knee Leg Warmers.
Now doesn't this looks super comfortable and super cute and sexy!

Get the Look:

Crossing fingers the sun will come out tomorrow.... or soon!