Gift Guide: Tech Gifts

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

2014 Gift Guide: Tech Gifts


Gift for the Traveler, TRIPLE C Back-Up Phone Charger {$36} via Shopbop or for your friend who is always on the go. 

 Gift for your ipad users, Mika Tablet Stand {$40} via Aha Life and perfect to pair with the STUDIO I Pen for Ipad {$159} via Aha Life.

Love this small blue-tooth speaker, TRIPLE C Speaker {$60} via Aha Life, and obviously very stylish.

Simple gift that everyone could use, Iphone Mini Dock Power Adapter {$40} via Aha Life


I love my Fitbit but sometimes you need to have a dressier way of wearing it. Here is the answer, Tory Burch for Fitbit Bracelet {$195} via Shopbop, also comes in silver. If you didn't get a Fitbit for a loved one last year, it is a great gift. BUT you should be warned to only by this for a loved one who loves to exercise or has been wanting one. Otherwise let's be honest it could be insulting to the receiver, I mean are you giving them a hint, lol! Fitbit Flex {$99} via Target 

New Iphone cases! What lady doesn't like to change up her Iphone case just like she does with her bag.  Mirror Mirror on the wall, Damn straight I'm the prettiest of them all, Moschino Iphone 5 cover {$85} via Shopbop, for your friend with a great sense of humor -OR-  the case for your art lover, Jordan Carlyle Coat of Color iPhone 5 Case {$35} via Shopbop, just because they haven't sucked it up and bought the new iphone 6 doesn't mean they can't dress it up until then!

Gift for the gal who loves to style everything they own, Exotic Macbook Leather Cover {$90} via Aha Life, also comes in other exotic prints. 


Gift for the Golfer, Golf Training Device {$169} via Aha Life, it tracks every swing that you make! 

Stylish key-chain for the stylish man,  Power Link MicroUSB  {$50} via Aha life, also available in different styles.

The iphone case for .... well self-explanatory for who this is best for, Leather Iphone 5 Case {$44} via Aha Life

Happy Shopping!