What kind of Ski Bunny are you?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I am so excited that I am going skiing in Lake Tahoe this coming February! I haven't been skiing/snowboarding since I was 16 years old and that is a surprisingly long time ago now. After we nailed down the dates and booked the tickets my immediate next thought was.... Holy Shite! I have no ski clothes anymore! And even if I did find my old ski jacket or pants in the attic they would definitely not fit me today. On top of all those circumstances, at 16 I was trying my best to be a cool snowboarder and I had some baggy snowboarding pants that I just don't think I could pull of these days (not that I did at 16 anyways lol!) I was a horrible snowboarder and I know now to just got back to my original roots as a perfectly comfortable easy relaxing blue run kind of girl. 

So I thought to myself what kind of Ski Bunny style do I have now?
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All-Mountain Ski Bunny

Preppy Active-wear
This girl knows how to ski/snowboard and she likes to keep it warm, comfy and of course still very stylish. Keep to primary colors for a classic and timeless look when buying these items.

Preppy Active Shredder


 Backcountry Ski Bunny

Fringe, Fur & Prints
This girl is maybe skiing/snowboarding the mountain but as per usually she isn't following the rules. She chooses to maybe walk in the woods to explore nature and she is doing it in grand style. Leather, suede, fringe, fur and in all sorts of prints!

Backcountry Ski Bunny



Moguls Ski Bunny 

Sleek & Glamorous
Sleek styles in all black or white with metallic accents. Think of the Italian woman on the slopes showing how to take care of business while not even sweating. 

Moguls Ski Bunny


Professional Apres-Ski Bunny 

Cashmere Comfy Chic
You are head to toe in Cashmere, knit and fur because you aren't really on the mountain to ski but to enjoy the beautiful scenery and look beautiful too! Think greys, beige, winter whites and all things knit. Everyone will be envying your comfy chic outfit! 

Pro Apres-Ski Bunny