Fall 2014 Hair Inspiration

Friday, September 19, 2014

I grew my hair out super long for my wedding back in January 2014 (can't believe I have been married for 8 months already!!).  When summer came, I couldn't take it anymore I was constantly wearing my hair in a pony tail, or in a braid channeling Katniss Everdine, that finally in March I chopped it off and took my chances with the every so popular "Lobb" a.k.a. Long Bob. 

"Lobb" Inspiration 

Lobb Hair Inspiration

My hair grows so damn fast that in June it was already to my shoulders and I was wearing it back in a ponytail everyday again. So after I past my Real Estate Exam in the end of June I decided to again cut my hair even shorter for a true bob hair cut. 

Short Bob Inspiration

Fall 2014 Bob

Harper's Bazaar is calling this "the Blunt Bob" and one of their Best Haircuts for 2014. 

My hair is starting to get longer again and the questions arises.... Do I let it grow into a Lobb? or do another cut for a Blunt Bob? What do you think? Are you cutting your hair for a new Fall look?

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