HBO's Girls Stylized

Sunday, March 9, 2014

HBO's Girls is probably one of my favorite shows. Even though I am 30 and technically out of my 20's and the years of struggling to find out who I am, my career, and friendship... Just kidding still doing that lol! BUT I do think because I am more towards the end of utter self-conscious decisions and wondering when I will be ...."at specific validated level for certain age" thought process, I feel I appreciate this show even more than I would watching it during my mid-twenty years. 

One the best elements of this show is how absolutely different in every way each of these characters are but yet almost everyone can identify with each of them at different moments. As they are searching for their unique and different life story it is clear the the viewer how each of their voices are already very unique and made even more clear by their character's personal style. 

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I found this image and thought their Girls character's personal style 
so reflected their own actual upbringing....  

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Jemima Kirke as "Jessa" very vintage and 70's rock & roll

Allison Williams as "Marnie" is classic, a bit all American, and put together

Lena Dunham as "Hannah" is eclectic, a freedom that comes with the self-esteem of a true artist

Zosia Mamet as "Shoshanna", this one is harder to pin for me but a little analytical, very over thought, trendy and very girlie.

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Who do you think you most identify with?