Roz the Builder!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Move over Bob the Builder and Bob Villa, there is a new Builder in town! Not only are the houses gorgeous! But I have cute construction outfits too! lol!

Just because I'm working with dirt doesn't mean I can't look stylish!

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The House that Power Built!

We bought the house in 2005 for me to live in while I attended St. Edward's University. So many fun memories living in this house, with so many ladies..... Cali, Leigh, Elissa, Jessica, Lizzie, Lindsey and we can't forget Jay!

Since I left Austin in 2007, we have been renting the house out, and last summer 2012 we decided to tear the small house down and build two townhouses and now they are up for sale.

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House per-construction but already in the  midst of demolition.

Cali, Leigh and I painted that front porch AND lots of people and us spent many a night sitting on that front porch swinging and drinking wine. Some of my favorite memories!

Photo Timeline:

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The Houses are FOR SALE now, click the listing below for more information!

UNIT B {South Congress Area Austin, TX}

Unit A {South Congress Area Austin, TX}