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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Spring 2013 Trend Tips

Think of STRIPES as your friend.

Small & Same Size Stripes = Flattering and can cover up a problem area when you pair the striped patterned top or bottoms with a solid color alternative. The focus (eyes) will then go to the solid piece in your outfit.

Mix & match Stripe patterns. Small, thin stripes on one piece and then wear with a larger stripes on another piece.

Forget the old rule: VERTICAL stripes are NOT more flattering then HORIZONTAL. Seriously it matters more the size and consistency of the stripe and pattern then the direction of the stripes.

In fact a horizontal striped dress could really emphasis your waist if you have an hour glass figure or maybe even create a waist line for those of us who do not.

Look how these stripes bring your eye to her waist (of course she's a model no kidding she has a tiny waist) but the dress is a great example of how you should be  using stripes or patterns to work for you. 

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A vertical stripe pant can elongate your legs and make you look super tall but it can also give the illusion that your hips and butt are more larger then they really are.

SAFE BET: go with a neutral stripe color.

KEY TIP: Pay attention to the PATTERN of the STRIPES and where they are located on your body.

My Suggestion:

Buy ONE striped shirt that you are comfortable with to wear. Stripes are really timeless if they are Black, Blue, Tan, Beige, etc or if they are smaller in any color.

Mix Panel Stripe Shirt via Topshop US


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