Designer 411: The Burberry Brand

Friday, June 15, 2012

The summer I lived in Milan, Italy I attended a fashion/styling school and fell in love with the window display at Burberry Prorsum. This surprised me because I liked the classic look of Burberry but never really envisioned myself wearing any of it and I certainly did not get too excited about the window displays in the stores in the states. I consider myself to have an edgier style then Burberry and decided to convince myself that these two brands must not be related but of course I soon found out I was wrong which lead me to look into all things Burberry ....

The skinny history of Burberry

(or what I found important to share)


Company founded by Thomas Burberry, he was 21


Weatherproof coat called the "Tielocken" , the predeccessor of the iconic trench coat we all know today.


The weatherproof Ski suit

Years following was tons of weatherproof ski suits, aviator suits, outerwear jackets, etc. I felt as though I was reading the history of Landsend the British version.


The Burberry men's trench coat was born.

This truly is a classic piece that no man or woman's wardrobe is complete with out!


Women's wear Burberry trench coat


Kate Moss featured in the British Campaign

and many more famous actresses and models alike every since.


Christopher Bailey joined as Creative Director and Burberry Prorsum launches


Christopher Bailey promoted to Chief Creative Director

Christopher Bailey:

Christopher born in Yorkshire is a born and bread Bristish fashion and brand marketing genius.  Before Christopher made it to Burberry in 2011 he was the Senior womenswear designer for Gucci and before that working for Donna Karen. Burberry had already begun its transformation with former Chief Executive, Rose Marie Bravo and then Christopher stepped in as Chief Executive Designer officially changing the Burberry brand into what we know it as today - the 4 brands of Burberry. They both seem instrumental in developing and launching the Burberry Prorsum high-end line (my favorite of the brands).

The 4 brands of Burberry

Each one of the four brands of Burberry still incorporates its true beginnings, British Outerwear

Burberry Prorsum:

Luxury high-end runway brand. Shows in Milan Ready-to-Wear Fashion Week. Also shown in Milan for menswear. The style is modern fabrics and ideas but using classic structure and that keeps the line still in the heritage of Burberry.

Source: via Rozlind on Pinterest

Source: via Rozlind on Pinterest

Burberry London:

The epitome of Burberry or the brand that you think, the classic Trench Coat. Known for it sophisticated British prep style. Womenswear and Menswear.

Source: via Miss Ally on Pinterest

Source: via Kinda on Pinterest

Burberry Brit

The most accessible of the brand, casual weekend wear and starts at feasible price for most consumers. Think of classic polo's, Burberry Brit perfume, etc. Womenswear and Menswear

Source: via Liza on Pinterest

Burberry Sport:

Sport wear, ski wear and active wear. Womenswear and Menswear

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