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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Let me be honest... The look for less is never going to be the Exact look for less. In my personal opinion you are setting yourself up to fail if you are trying to recreate the exact look.

There is a clear reason why those outfits cost so much...

Tips to remember

1. Quality of fabric: this is my biggest issue with attempting to copy a look you see in a magazine, tv, etc. you can't just copy the color and style of the clothes you MUST pay attention to fabric. Fabric gives away the wannabe! Some find it hard at first but you have to train your eye to look at the clothes and see the fabric as dimensions. This is why strange things work like leather pants/skirts and chunky knit sweaters and also why leather pants/skirts and lace is dangerous unless of course you are Madonna!

2. These less expensive copies are obviously retailers trying to make that fashion trend available for us to buy BUT the reality is you pay for what you get and when you pay for the real deal designer item (and when I say designer I mean an actual designer that shows something at fashion week not like when stores say nine west is a designer) you are paying for that specific cut, color, fabric. So don't feel like you HAVE to stick to the exact cut, look at the trend more like a theme. If the item is bright orange and you can't find the "bright orange" with out looking like a pumpkin or a longhorn then pay attention to the theme neon colors like 80's spray paint and go for a bright blue, probably more likely to find in a store and will look much better on the majority of people.

Look I never said it was going to be the look for dirt cheap but these are pretty reasonable prices.
Here is why this works
1. Masculine, sheer blouse, but not sheen! Flat fabric think almost like a super tiny waffle fabric
2. Structured yet flowing with movement blazer. The most important part of the blazer is its ability to move while you move..
3. Shorts, flat front , so your eyes focus goes to the shirt and necklace


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  1. Recently you looked in my closet and attempted to teach me different looks with what I had. I have to admit I get stuck in my ways and tend to put what I bought together on my body the same way all the time. Some of the tips I was able to absorb helped me but I have to admit it is going to take practice. Wonder if you could give me ten things on a page and let me group them and perhaps you could give me a thumbs up or down until I get the idea. For you it seems natural but for me? Well I am a prject at best.

    The fabric thing also boggles my mind but I am starting to get the hang of it. Can you give me ten quick things to remenber bet to help me out?

    Thanks Roz!!!

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