Closet Reno: Elfa Decor

Friday, November 2, 2018

When we bought our house one of the things we new we had to do was redesign our closet. The space was huge but grossly under-utilized. The thought of a closet redesign was super exciting for me and with the help of a friend, that just happens to be a very successful interior designer {HUNTER MABRY DESIGN}  recommended I go check out Container Store's Elfa Decor closet system. It fit our budget and design style perfectly. 


Warning! It was a mess before. We never really did much to it when we moved in besides just making it work for the time being. All of Matt's stuff was in the left over IKEA dresser that surprisingly made it through 2 moves across the country.  The dimensions are about 11ft x 6ft and finally a large enough closet to house both our clothes. All of our previous houses we have had to used all the spare bedrooms closet to fit all our stuff.


I brought my dimensions and photos to the container store design appointment. We talked through what the must haves are; like a dresser storage for all Matt's items. Plenty of room for our shoes.

Interesting fact that I found out was the average number of shoes a person owns is 45. Well I have a lot more and Matt has a lot less.

But I would recommend also bringing an estimate number of shoes you have and dresses since they will need  accommodations.

We chose to cheap out on the installation and do it ourselves, it saved us close to $1,000 and that seemed like the best option to maximize the design. Surprisingly for the first time in my life what I wanted, the white Elfa Decor was the cheapest option out of the 3 colors. This is shocking to me, I usually always chose the most expensive.

They delivered all 33 BOXES to our house and I about fainted from the amount of work it looked like we had signed up for.

If you chose to do the install yourself, I would recommend sorting out all the items for each wall as shown in your closet design instruction sheets outline.  It help me a lot!! 

 We broke down our existing closet, filled holes and did touch up paint and then got started. Really the only drilling you do is for the top part and then the rest you don't need tools for. So Matt and I did the top bar together at night and then during nap times over 2 1/2 weeks I put each side wall together. Not the best instructions were provided but they have a ton of you tube videos you can find that really helped. I also like solving these puzzles and seeing the end product, very satisfying for me. I am weird, what can I say.


Now we just need a small rug for the middle and apparently more shoes for Matt, lol!
If you need me I will be just hanging out in my closet.